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My Little One
Nancy Rechtman's debut novel, My Little One, tells the story of Emma Bronfman and her desperate struggle to have a baby.

Infertility has robbed Emma of her self-esteem, self-image and self-respect. At almost 35 years old, she canít seem to get it together. Her beloved mother died several years earlier of lung cancer and her father is about to marry a young, fertile bimbo.

Her in-laws are flying in to see their darling Stevie-boy and Emma wonders how she'll survive their visit. She's at the end of her rope at a dead-end job. And she's sure Steveís late nights at work mean he's having an affair and is planning to leave her. There are many surprises, both humorous and poignant, in store for Emma in her journey through this chapter of her life.

My Little One was awarded Honorable Mention in the Best Novel category of the 2004 Norumbega Fiction Awards.

Nancy has had several short stories published in Highlights magazine.

Nancy placed as a Finalist in the 2006 Optimistic Essay Contest at You can read her essay along with others here.

"I look forward to more work from Rechtman soon." -- Cheryl A. Townsend/ Circle Magazine.

"A powerful work of fiction." -- Molly Martin/

"This wonderfully written book ... envelops you in a way that few books do." --

"Humorous, character-rich debut novel," says the Boox Review.

"Easy to read and tenderly written with warmth and humor." -- Intriguing Authors.

"This book grabbed me by the heartstrings and would not let go." -- Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

"I loved this story." -- Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

"The dialogue is snappy, and you'll enjoy the characters in Emma's life." -- Scribes World

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Nancy Machlis Rechtman
Nancy Machlis Rechtman has had several children's plays produced, has written a humor column for a local women's magazine and has had poetry published. She has lived on both coasts and currently resides in South Carolina with her family and a multitude of pets. This is her first novel.

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