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"This book grabbed me by the heartstrings and would not let go. The pain, the hopes, and dreams were so real I almost felt they were my own." --Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

"Have you ever read a book where you related to and cared so much that you felt like you were actually a part of the main character's life? This wonderfully written book . . .envelops you in a way that few books do. I found myself sympathizing, reflecting, and vowing to appreciate the blessings in my own life love after reading this book!"

"Easy to read and tenderly written with warmth and humor. An excellent effort dealing with a difficult subject matter. Many of the conversations will travel great distances in your thoughts." --Intriguing Authors

"Infused with Nora Ephron-like rhythms and an engaging narrative rife with wide-ranging humor and snappy dialogue, My Little One will beckon the funny bones of readers who are fascinated by the tricky mechanics of everyday relationship maintenance and bring to light as well the pathos that many couples endure in their struggle to bring new life into the world." --The Boox Review

"I loved this story. It has humor and pathos, despair and hope, dispensed by the generous hand of a promising new writer."Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

"Nancy Machlis Rechtman has composed a sensationally poignant book that touches your heart in a way few books ever do. She has a way with words and her characters are so real you want to sit down with them and have a cup of coffee and chat like old friends." --Roundtable Reviews

"The dialogue is snappy, and you'll enjoy the characters in Emma's life." --Scribes World